Friday, March 02, 2007


Tired of and bored with the appearance of my blog, I decided to do some remodeling today. It looks a little cooler (at least to me). Also, I finally fixed the misspelling in the title: For the past year, I've lived with the knowledge that I had omitted an iota in poiesis, the Greek word for the process of doing, making, or building, but it took until now for me to fix it. An iota may not seem like much, but it was significant to Jesus (see Matt 5:18 ESV), so it deserves its rightful place in my blog title.

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Reformed Catholic said...

Nice remodel ... the colors go well, and you can still read the print without having to increase the text size.

There are some blog designs that don't seem to realize that dark letters on a light background makes it much easier to read, than vice versa.