Friday, August 24, 2007

Always Reforming: Emergence in the Presbyterian Church

Last April, in a string of comments on Presbymergent, some other people and I brainstormed the possibility of a special gathering for "Presbymergents" here at Pittsburgh Seminary. Thanks to PSF, Continuing Ed, and a lot of hard work by Brian and BJ that gathering will be . . .

Always Reforming: Emergence in the Presbyterian Church

. . . on October 12th & 13th, 2007, featuring John Franke, Nanette Sawyer, Adam Walker Cleaveland, Brian Wallace, BJ Woodworth, Andrew Purves, Scott Sunquist and a whole host of other amazing pastors, leaders, teachers, and students.

I'm extremely excited about this event - if you're interested in registering, just follow the big link above!


Sarah Louise said...

and Vera White! We love her!!

When is the poetry thing? is that in the after 9pm part? Cuz it's not mentioned in any of the stuff I saw...

--SL, the wannabe seminarian (no not really)

Chris said...

Hi SL,

The poetry thing is listed now at . It will start around 9:00 - whenever the plenary session for Friday is over. :-)